Having spent the last 10 years working in Marketing and Communications for the Higher Education, Advertising, Technology, Construction and Creative Industries, his academic work, coupled with his practitioner experience has lead him to a career in practicing, consulting and teaching Integrated Marketing Communications and Branding.

He’s spent some time with ad agencies, working with clients like Caribbean Airlines, BG Trinidad and Tobago (now Shell), Trinidad Cement Ltd, Nestle, UTT, Angostura and a few others. On the client side, he’s managed brands like F1RST.com, CreativeTT (MusicTT, FilmTT and FashionTT) and countless startup brands in the creative and tech spaces. He has launched campaigns throughout the Caribbean and managed the strategic marketing function for organisations that position themselves at the helm of their respective industries. He’s hired and procured services of marketers and creatives all over the world including Europe, China, the Caribbean and North America.

Certified in the delivery of Authentic Business Education, he designed and delivered courses for the leaders of tomorrow.


“I work with brands of all kinds to help them make a real and authentic impact. I’m using traditional as well as trending models of marketing to dissect best practices and perhaps lend some borrowed insight from some of the greats. Working with me, we will explore themes of Branding, NeuroMarketing, Marketing Information Systems and the Trinidad and Tobago context.”

Services Include:

Brand Identity Development

Marketing Growth Strategy

Inbound Marketing

Content Development


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