Who is your mother? 5 Things Machel Montano can teach local brands about being “untouchable”

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We didn’t need a verdict or fine from the courts to help us determine what we thought about Machel Montano. We have all individually formed our opinions of him a long time ago, and for some, today’s fining just gave us an opportunity to share our opinions.

Whether we believe that the verdict and fine were just or not, one thing remains certain, Machel Montano remains one of Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest brands. Just weeks after a guilty verdict, ‘The Boy’ filled the Stadium for Machel Monday, released a successful album, and took home the prestigious Soca Monarch title (yet again). Lets face it, despite any media sensationalization, T&T loves Machel, he is an untouchable brand.

But what are the attributes that make the King of Soca the Brand King of T&T?

1. High Quality, or in this case High Definition (HD).

One of the major things that MM fans have come to expect when viewing a Machel performance or listening to an album is superior quality. Machel is known for putting on a show that surpasses that of his local counterparts. Similar to the Apple brand, we’ve come to expect a spectacular showing each time he presents himself.

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2. His is a story that we know.

Everyone knows the Boy’s business, and, in Trinidad, that’s a good thing. Do you remember the old folks asking you “Whaz yuh name and who is yuh mudda?”

Well we know his name, and we know his mother. Culturally, this is something very important to us. We know where he went to school, and we know how old he was when they said he was too young to soca. Needless to say we are familiar. How many brands in the Caribbean can truly say that their customers know them? Where did they come from? How did they get started? What do they believe? Who is their mother? Believe it or not, consumers respond very well to this overshare.

3. Machel is a flag bearer for a greater belief.

We all want Soca music to receive international acclaim, and for many many years, Machel was our number one hope. We believe in our music and we believe in him. Machel has given us hope that Soca is on the rise. This shared belief is priceless to a brand. If consumers believe what you believe, and buy into the notion that you could help make the dream a reality, you’re stepping on gold.

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4. Machel Montano is a pioneer.

Forget first to market, Machel is first to fly, first to mobile app popularity, first to feature American, Jamaican, African (and more) stars on his tracks and first to do so many other things. Machel is so good at paving the way that Kublalsingh should get his placards ready.

5. He understands that he is a product and that products have life cycles.

From Panasonic Express to Xtatic to HD, Machel knows that re-creation is key before the end of the lifecycle. Clearly he works hard and pays attention to the evolving needs of his customers, and is willing to change to suit.





2 thoughts on “Who is your mother? 5 Things Machel Montano can teach local brands about being “untouchable”


    A Freedom Song for Marchel

    Marchel is freed by the court of law
    Ain’t have to wait to exhale no more
    All of his haters and dem they fail
    Cause he ain’t spending no time in jail

    Marchel is free and Iwer days done
    Cause a real soca monster is born
    All those haters better beware
    He taking de 2 monarchs next year.

    He performing next year with passion
    Free from de people procecution
    Fans on stand-by must have no fear
    Y2k14 is Marchel’s year

    Some say Marchel should get the book
    But next year Super Blue goose….is cooked
    Like Super, he won’t have to sing
    Is chutney, ca–is–o and road march king

    Here is to all de player haters
    Self opinionated trouble makers
    They want de Marchel hung by the noose
    Sorry, but now de Marchel is loose

    Bounty and Fayann ain’t stand a chance
    When Marchel sing the people go dance
    He fired up and ready to start
    He taking Fantastic Friday to heart

    Now dat de people ready to wine
    Remember Marchel didn’t serve no time
    He is in every party and fete
    Beause de Marchel ain’t miss one yet

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