Get Inspired- Stand on the shoulders of those who went before you.

One of the things I read about Leonardo Da Vinci is that he was a teacher. His teaching method was was very specific and was probably considered a bit frustrating by his students. He used to have them repaint work that he created until they got it right, and only then will they be guided into creation of their own works of art.

The same principle holds today in the workplace. I’m sure Da Vinci’s students wanted to dive straight into their own creativity and grow their celebrity status quickly. Clearly impossible if they just copied his work, right? But Da Vinci ensured that they were adequately inspired by the way he did things, by the way he structured his work, and by the way he represented his thoughts, before they began. 

His years of research and training gave him a technique that was tried and tested, and allowed him to create a framework and even a formula for his art that took him to stardom. Being a student of his meant that you got to tap into his formulas and frameworks, and then execute.

What does this mean for you? It means that as a student of the world, you can tap into the geniuses of those before you by reading articles, journals and white papers before you embark on a project. Get inspired by observing how those in your field have structured their work, and how they presented their ideas. It might not be a bad idea to pattern your work like theirs until it comes naturally enough for you to create your own pattern.

Da Vinci didn’t become who he was when he died overnight. It took a lot of observation and inspiration to create world class works of art; and i’m sure he stood on the shoulders of those who went before him.

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