14 Ministers later, 3 Steps that can be taken

Photo Courtesy: guardian.co.tt
Photo Courtesy: guardian.co.tt

With a record breaking 14 Ministers walking the Governmental Green Mile in just four years of Our Lady’s Administration, the people of Trinidad and Tobago have begun to lose faith, and our once “Do So” population may be considering hanging up their yellow jerseys. Is there hope in the management of this crisis as the 2015 General Election draws nearer? The people’s faith seems to be dwindling. This post explores three steps that the Government of the People’s Partnership can observe in saving face as they enter the political battlefield of 2015, or is that 2014?


1. Take a good look at the real scope and act accordingly.

Yes, the Prime Minister has followed Crisis Communication 101 and admitted the faults of the government and sought to rectify them by dismissing misbehaving ministers. Where this strategy has failed is that we are no longer dealing with the dismissal of a couple ministers, we’re looking at ‘Guinness World Record’ worthy feat, and a total lack of confidence in government by a vast majority. The naughty corner simply won’t work any more. Can we agree that the PM has not acknowledged that she made T&T history by highlighting the incompetence of the people she hand selected?


2. Ditch Crisis Comms 101 and Get Creative

Crisis Communication Management 101 tells us to remind the people of your brand identity and brand values. Unfortunately what may have worked six Ministers ago will not work at number 14. What’s needed is a DEMONSTRATION of those values with the use of an outstanding ground up PR strategy. A cabinet reshuffle is not the answer. May I suggest a highly publicized, transparent Ministerial workshop (not in a fancy foreign country) that seeks to re-engineer the ministers’ approach to people and leadership. This approach should  achieve a ground breaking, novel, psychological paradigm shift. It appears that these ministers are disconnected from reality. They need to change their apparent perspective of their rights as ministers. There needs to be a change in the way they approach service to the people, because the current approach has to go, along with its monarchical way of thinking where princes and princesses sit on their high horses and the people served them.

The fact is you need a real strategy that not just “I fired them because I’m a good person.”


3. Document, Share, Make History

If this drastic demonstration of said values is well documented and shared with the public, maybe they’ll begin to believe in the potential for real internal change. The dirty linen of the government of today has made history in this country. Why not let the clean up campaign do the same?

We live in a technologically driven society, where opinions are led and messages travel through a vast network of well- everyone. For the first time in history there has been a major shift from mainstream media to a medium of the people (its called the Internet). Unfortunately for the PP, this government has fallen under the most scrutiny in our political history because we are equipped with a magnifying glass called Social Media. Viral videos, memes and posts cannot be overlooked as part of the language of Trinbagonians.

The point is, whatever the strategy that is employed, manage the way you are viewed. Meeting the people where they are looking at you and present yourself with a new face. This new face should outline the ways that the strategy has served as an intervention to change the governance we have come to expect of the PP.



Photo Courtesy: Guardian.co.tt

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