Creative industries have been becoming increasingly more dependant on technology globally and locally, and the Film Industry is no different. With a focus on export and global relevance, the Film Company of Trinidad and Tobago (FilmTT) is gearing up its summer campaign to stimulate the use of smartphone and Delivering Remarks at the FilmTT Smartphone FIlm Festival Launch, FilmTT Chairperson, Camille Selvon Abrahamsmobile device technology in short-film making. The Trinidad and Tobago Smartphone film festival launched on May 27th, 2015, in this regard.

Through the Smartphone Film Festival, FilmTT plans to engage hundreds of local mobile device users in the globally trending shot-film making activity. The use of easily accessible technology, in this instance, for film-making, will broaden accessibility to the billion dollar industry. With major music videos and festival screenings turning to smartphone cameras for shooting, FilmTT is pushing Trinidad and Tobago right in the direction of modern, worldwide practices.

FilmTT is a subsidiary of CreativeTT, and is focused on stimulating and facilitating business development and export activities in the film industry in Trinidad and Tobago, to generate national wealth. The Smartphone Film Festival is stimulating the film-making activities in a manner that is easy and inexpensive to budding film makers in Trinidad and Tobago.

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